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Alemira Virtual Lab: 19 May, 2021

19 May, 2021

Build: May 2021


The supported authentication mechanisms have been extended to include the API-based assessment. Script-based life-cycle actions are supported. A number of bugs have been fixed.

What’s New?

Authentication for API-based assessment

Three types of authentication mechanism have been added to the API libraries configuration:

  • Basic authentication
  • Bearer token
  • API key

This adds more flexibility to the API-based assessment of lab tasks.

Script-based life-cycle action

The life-cycle action feature enables the instructor to control the lab flow more accurately. Sometimes additional lab configurations need to be done during the lab execution: for example, the creation of credentials and a tenant for students in the cloud for cloud-software oriented labs. This can be done through configurable actions timed for a certain phase of a lab’s life-cycle.

A lab has a finite life-cycle consisting of the following phases: the lab environment start, actions in the environment, the lab environment deletion, etc.


  • Authentication for the API-based assessment
  • Script-based life-cycle action

Fixed Issues

  • Error when deleting a lab
  • Cannot resume a session in a suspended virtual lab
  • Make the “Resume” button in a paused machine’s UI clickable
  • API Library wizard completely resets on an error
  • Acceptance Criteria and Life-Cycle Actions should be copied when the lab is duplicated
  • Windows Server 2019 low-performance
  • Acronis on-premise agent is a part of the image
  • Session ID and Password cannot be copied in a live lab
  • Ability to create two tenants via API
  • Acronis branded UI
  • Make passwords in the lab script randomized
  • Firefox update appears when a lab starts