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Alemira Labs: 20 May, 2022

20 May, 2022

Alemira Virtual Lab


The current release was focused on a new approach to the lab authoring.

What’s new 

Lab Recorder 

An author can use the Lab Recorder to record in a virtual environment their actions that represent steps of a lab. The Lab Recorder then automatically generates out of these steps human-readable lab tasks for students to follow.

New design for lab authoring 

New clean and precise design for the lab content authoring was implemented.

  • Now all of a lab content is available in a single panel with the ability to hide or show task details, drag-and-drop and reorder tasks and steps.
  • An author can view and manage Life-Cycle Actions and Acceptance Criteria in the same panel with tasks. This makes it easier to set up a lab and follow its flow.
  • Now a lab author can open a virtual environment alongside with the task creation UI, so they can work with the software they teach and write instructions simultaneously.
  • A lab author can add hints to the steps of a lab to help stuck students.

Lab dashboard 

An instructor can check the most important information about a lab in the lab title panel, including statistics on the lab usage and currently active sessions.

Alemira platform navigation 

Now a Alemira platform user who has the Author (Instructor) permissions can use the menu link to access the administration UI directly from the lab authoring UI.

Fixed issues

Sometimes the startup LCA scripts were failing to execute causing the lab environment to be incorrectly configured.