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Alemira LMS: 04 August, 2021

4 Aug, 2021


The current release was focused on fixing bugs in the program’s pre-requisites logic and indicating progress on the Programs page.

What’s new?

Course order is fixed in programs

Pre-requisites in programs now are calculated according to the course grading, not the course progress. Thus, only learners who have successfully passed the course are eligible to take the next course of the program. A special option to override this strict logic is planned to be implemented in future releases.

Grading is shown in the course report

Now the course report has the information about the max/actual score in addition to correct/incorrect. So, the information on how a learner has managed to solve a problem is available (which was unavailable when showing just correct/incorrect).

Fixed issues

User dashboard

  • #22 — Program counters on the program description page are incorrect for courses in progress, finished, etc.

Course player

  • #8 — Correct/incorrect info is shown for questions that had no “show correct answer” button.

Known issues


  • #455 — Buttons for adding a component and hiding previews are garbled in some display setups.
  • #457 — Studio has two buttons for Staff debug.
  • #449 — If any recipient is chosen in the send email section of the Instructor’s dashboard, WYSIWYG for the email body doesn’t work.

Administrator dashboard

  • #218 — Garbled grading screen for “Staff Graded Assignment”
  • #225 — Garbled email screen for “Show Sent Email History”
  • #336 — Bulk email template is broken for courses with errors in organization name
  • #523 — Allowances screen is garbled
  • #6 — ORA controls are not hidden when there is nothing added

User dashboard

  • #7 — When the video opens from the course About page, it is unproperly scaled
  • #239 — User cannot log in from an Android device
  • #371 — After resuming a course, the last finished section is opened instead of the first unfinished
  • #511 — Short description is not available when mouse-over a course title in the dashboard

Course player

  • #117 — User can see Wiki and Discussions of other tenants
  • #300 — Some video-file formats are not supported in the built-in video player
  • #342 — Caps / Capitalisation in the Unit title do not work correctly
  • #382 — Multi-section quizzes are shown as “one question” in the outline when inserted into the course
  • #491 — SCORM is not loaded on preview in the course player
  • #556 — Course quiz does not display properly


  • #6 — Multi-tenancy is not supported in e-commerce