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Alemira LMS: 23 May, 2022

23 May, 2022


The current release focused on the introduction of the following features:

  • Content libraries — a new UI for authors and content creators
  • Rich text editor — a tool for creation and management of articles that represent reusable content units and that are subsequently used for composing courses and programs
  • Compositions — an ability to compose articles into courses and programs
  • Improvements in the tenant management

What’s new

Content libraries to manage reusable content 

A new interface for authors was introduced. Now authors and content creators have a tool to create and manage content items, and navigate resources from external content libraries.

External content libraries are various LTI providers unique to every organization. External content libraries can be added by tenant managers.

An author can manage content libraries as follows:

  • View available content items for each library
  • Create new and edit existing items (articles, modules, courses, or programs)
  • Publish items and enroll learners in these items

Rich text editor 

A new rich in features tool for article creation was introduced. It allows authors to reuse indexed pieces of content in different courses, modules, or programs. An article created with the editor can contain:

  • Text with a wide range of formatting: different styles for headings and body text, paragraphs, alignment, tables, and lists
  • Links to external resources
  • Formulas written in the LaTex notation
  • Quotes
  • Code snippets
  • Raw HTML
  • Insertions with various media: images and videos (from such players as Vimeo, YouTube, or similar)

Composing articles into modules and courses 

When content creators create a number of articles, they can put together these articles into a composition. A composition is a number of subsequent content units that form an educational path to teach a particular topic or a subject to learners.

Compositions can include any content from Libraries: Articles and Content Items from external libraries.

Compositions are created and edited in a simple drag-and-drop editor. The editor enables content creators to fill compositions with desired content by dragging items from content libraries to the Composition outline and then to preview compositions to see what they will look like on learners’ devices.

All content is automatically saved so no changes are ever lost.

Tenant management 

A number of tweaks make managing standard content libraries for new tenants more secure.

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