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Alemira LMS: 11 January, 2022

11 Jan, 2022


The current release was focused on the introduction of multi-tenancy, email notifications support, and several new features for ZTool.

What’s new 


A tenant admin role was added. This role allows a user to create new tenants and manage them. With this role, users and courses can be managed separately for each tenant.

Each tenant can have their individual branding (logo and name), email notification settings, copyright statements and links to the privacy-policy.

Email support 

Now it is possible to set up email notifications for every tenant. This enables sending registration confirmation notifications and password change requests to email addresses of the tenant’s registered users.

ZTool authoring improvements 

A new interface for authoring in ZTool was implemented:

  • Preview mode: now it is possible to see the preview of a course the way it will be shown in the course player to a learner and instructor
  • Templates: a list of templates was introduced so that an author can insert pre-defined pieces of code into course articles and substitute placeholders with their course text
  • File storage for a course: authors can upload files and use links to them in their courses, which makes pasting such links in the course editor much more transparent

ZTool workflow improvements 

Now learners can cancel submissions to revoke submitted answers, redo and submit again answers if the grading period for a particular course hasn’t started yet. Similarly, instructors can revoke submitted assessments for corrections and reassess tasks (if they were not approved by supervisors).

All workflow changes are now saved so that a report on who has assessed and approved an assessment can be built.

Courses catalogue improvements 

New rules to sort courses in the learner catalogue are introduced. Courses are sorted as follows:

1. by the status: In Progress, Not started, Finished

2. by due dates

3. alphabetically: from A to Z