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Alemira LMS: 08 August, 2022

8 Aug, 2022


This release was focused mainly on developing various tools for integration with external platforms. Also, we added several features visible to all users:

  • The Add Objective screen was redesigned
  • An editor was added to the About page of an objective in the objective creation wizard
  • The Retake option is in use again for LTI Activities published as a single objective

What’s new


We continued to develop various tools to provide integration with Student Information Systems (SIS) and other platforms. This allows us to share data about users and learning objectives between our LMS and other vendors’ platforms.

Redesigned objective publishing process 

The process of creation of an objective was redesigned. A new option was implemented to add a cover image (either by uploading it from a local device or by linking to an external URL).

We also added a rich text editor to the objective About page. Thus, the following data can be specified for an objective: what are the learning outcomes, the period in which learners must pass the objective, instructors’ names and their bios, a long and short objective descriptions and so on.

Retaking LTI activities 

If an objective is published as a single LTI activity, retaking can be enabled for it. This means when the activity is completed, a learner can make a new attempt to pass the objective as a retake. Results of all attempts are recorded so that all of them are displayed after the activity is completed.