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Alemira Proctor: November 2022

15 Dec, 2022


The current release included the following features and improvements:

  • Better control of proctoring sessions
  • Enhancements to the identification process
  • Customizable exam records retention period
  • Updated login processes for users
  • Fixed issues
  • Application performance improvements

What’s New? 

Better control of proctoring sessions

We made UX improvements in the administrative interface where your teaching staff manage learners’ proctoring sessions. Now they are better informed and have more controls in the session interface:

  • The colorized table view is handy for managing objects
  • All information about statuses and sessions is more transparent for administrators and teachers
  • In general, the interface is more user-friendly

Users can view all information about a proctoring session on just one screen. They do not need to search for information through different locations and put it together. The table contains all needed information ready to use.

Users can see the following:

  • Whether the proctoring was successful and exam completed
  • The proctoring result with scores
  • Whether the whole exam video compiles (from fragments)
  • Whether there were problems in case the session was closed due to technical reasons, not by the proctor

Enhancements to the identification process

The system verifies an examinee’s identity before the exam starts and during the exam. If the system detects the examinee’s substitution, it takes the photo of a new person, creates an alert, and also sends a report, including the photo, to the system log and to the learning management system. 

Customizable exam records retention period

By default, exam video records are kept in the archive for 180 days. The retention period can now be customized.

Updated login processes for users

Now users (learners, proctors, admins, and reviewers) can be authorized not only by email, but also by their logins.

Fixed issues 

We implemented the following issues:

  • Fixing problems with skipping selfie photos across the identification process
  • Fixing problem when users cannot scroll more than several pages in the session page, now users can scroll in all session list
  • Fixing problems when administrators cannot change the proctor in the slot that was in the past, now administrators can edit any information in the past slots if they have the respective permissions


Application performance improvements

Additionally, we added new stream recorders that ensure a more stable video transferring process.