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Alemira Learning Management platform monthly update: March 2023

30 Mar, 2023

Alemira Learning Management Platform is a comprehensive learning solution for higher education institutions, schools, bootcamps, and enterprises. It employs active learning, machine intelligence, and automated content generation to facilitate digital transformation in education. 

Updated components

Alemira Assessment


  • New question templates
  • Enhanced quiz settings

What’s new 

New question templates 

These question templates were added: 

  • Matching that allows authors to create automatically graded questions where the learner is asked to match the statements from the column with the correct answers from the drop-down list.
  • Ordering that allows authors to create automatically graded questions where the learner is asked to sort the statements in the correct order.

Enhanced quiz settings

Now authors can enable these settings in their quizzes: 

  • Shuffle questions
  • Shuffle answers

The settings randomize the order of questions and answer options in each attempt for each learner. This makes cheating a more complicated and less reliable option for learners to pass a quiz.

Alemira Proctor


The current release included the following changes:

  • Virtual environment detection
  • Design improvements

What’s new 

Virtual environment detection

We’ve added to the web application and Secure Browser the capability of detecting the use of virtual environments. If an exam taker tries to use a virtual environment to cheat, the system detects it and recognizes the type of virtual environment.

The information about the virtual environment is saved to:

  • Logs in backend processes, where the Support team can check it
  • Dashboard, where an administrator or reviewer can see it

Also a new feature was added to the platform that allows customers control whether virtual environments are allowed for taking exams:

  • When virtual environments are allowed, learners can access exams without any issues and the information about the virtual environment and its type is sent to logs and the dashboard.
  • When virtual environments are prohibited, the exam starting process stops at the system check step, and learners are informed about the need to comply with exam rules.

This feature enhances the security of the platform, ensuring that exams are taken fairly and securely.

Design improvements

In this release, we continued modernizing the look and feel of Alemira Proctor.