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Alemira Labs: 10 February, 2022

10 Feb, 2022

Alemira Virtual Lab


The current release was focused on the improvements to scripting.

What’s new 

Executing scripts in the cloud 

Now a lab’s life-cycle action and acceptance criteria scripts can be executed in the cloud environment, without using a VM.
This option provides additional security for labs since scripts with senive information are not uploaded for execution to a student’s VM. Also, it provides more options for configuration of labs that use several VMs and access cloud services.

Access to Lab Variables for user scripts inside VMs 

Now Lab Variables are available within Lab VMs for user scripts. This allows instructors to configure labs with additional scripts that can be executed by students. Such scripts will run with the context of the lab environment.

Fixed Issues 

Several input issues with clipboard in virtual environment were fixed

Alemira Coding Lab

What’s New?

New auto-test type 

A new auto-test type was introduced: input-tests. Input tests allow an instructor to create test cases that will be used as a stdin input. Students’ code results are compared with the expected output provided by the instructor.
Now an instructor can choose the type of auto-tests for an exercise: unit or input.

Math formulas 

An instructor can add math formulas to exercise instructions and theoretical content.

Indentations in Table of Content 

Now an instructor can use additional indentations to divide a lab into several parts and highlight the main topics.

Input field and Run code button 

Students can run their code with custom input using the input field.

Bug fixes 

Tests panel behaviour was fixed