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 Alemira Labs: 05 July, 2022

5 Jul, 2022

Alemira Coding Lab

What’s New? 

Descriptions for failed unit tests 

An instructor can provide meaningful descriptions explaining reasons for unit test failures. Such descriptions are displayed to learners during the lab tests runs.

The existing templates for the labs and exercises were extended with examples on how to use this option.

Separate test running 

Tests now run separately and don’t include running the program itself. This provides a faster tests execution and more clear test output.

Auto-displaying the console 

The output console is automatically displayed when a learner runs a code. The tests output console is automatically displayed when a learner runs tests.

Bug fixes 

The HTML preview was not updated when switching between exercises.

Alemira Virtual Lab

What’s new 

Redesigned VM Images UI 

A new design for working with VM Images was implemented. Now it is possible to quickly search for an image, apply filters for Base/Custom or Windows/Linux images, see how many labs use each image.