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Alemira Labs: 04 August, 2022

4 Aug, 2022

Alemira Coding Lab

What’s New? 

Jupyter Notebook Python labs 

A new type of coding lab is introduced: the Jupyter Notebook Python lab.

The industry-standard Jupyter Notebook environment is widely used in the data science community and to teach Python. Now an author can do the following on the Alemira platform:

  • Create coding exercises for data science courses
  • Enrich coding tasks with built-in graphical output
  • Reuse a huge number of community-supported notebooks and templates for teaching Python

Submitting partially completed lab 

Now a learner can end a coding lab with a sequential walkthrough at any time, without having to complete all tasks. In this case, the current learner’s score is sent to Alemira LMS for grading.

Alemira Virtual Lab

What’s new 

New options for VM image management 

Now an author can rename or edit custom VM images without the need to replace them in existing labs.

Better copying with the clipboard 

The variables and code blocks in the lab instructions now have the Copy to clipboard option. This allows a user to quickly copy the block content to the clipboard and paste it into the lab environment.