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Alemira Labs: 02 March, 2022

2 Mar, 2022

Alemira Coding Lab

What’s New? 

Eiffel programming language support 

An instructor can create courses in Eiffel with practical tasks and auto-tests.

A student can enroll for such courses and complete both theoretical and practical tasks within Coding Lab.

Execution time limits 

An instructor can set up the execution time limits for each exercise. Two types of time limits are supported: CPU time and real-time limit.

Execution time in the Output 

An instructor can specify in the lab configuration whether to show the execution time to students or not.

Bug fixes 

The deleted exercise was displayed in the preview mode.

Alemira Virtual Lab


The current release was focused on the improvements to the clipboard and the sustainability of the solution operation.

What’s new 

Clipboard improvement 

A new approach to working with the clipboard in virtual machines was implemented. A user now will be asked for permissions in their browser to access the clipboard and will be warned if such permissions were not granted. The clipboard permissions are required for the clipboard to fully function on a virtual machine.

Know issues 

The upgraded clipboard is fully supported in the Chrome and Edge browsers. Users with Firefox, Safari and other browsers can sometimes experience issues when pasting text on a VM.