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Release Notes

Learn about the latest updates of our modules.

Alemira Labs: October 2022
Alemira Coding Lab What’s New? Auto grading for Jupyter Notebook labs Jupyter Notebook labs now support automatic grading. An author can create an assignment cell within a notebook, set a maximum score for it, and provide a set of unit tests that would be used to check the learner’s code. An author can make tests […] View details

Alemira Coding Lab Alemira Virtual Lab What's New
21 Oct, 2022
Alemira LMS: October 2022
We have introduced several updates for our platform. Overview The following features were added: Nested compositions Integration with Moodle Ability to set activity statuses Domain-specific login pages and identity providers Integration with Azure services Collecting user analytics Group enrollment prioritization Logging and events management Improved UI What’s new Nested compositions Authors can create a complex […] View details

Alemira LMS
21 Oct, 2022
Alemira LMS: 08 August, 2022
Overview This release was focused mainly on developing various tools for integration with external platforms. Also, we added several features visible to all users: The Add Objective screen was redesigned An editor was added to the About page of an objective in the objective creation wizard The Retake option is in use again for LTI Activities published […] View details

Alemira LMS
8 Aug, 2022
Alemira Labs: 04 August, 2022
Alemira Coding Lab What’s New?  Jupyter Notebook Python labs  A new type of coding lab is introduced: the Jupyter Notebook Python lab. The industry-standard Jupyter Notebook environment is widely used in the data science community and to teach Python. Now an author can do the following on the Alemira platform: Create coding exercises for data […] View details

Alemira Coding Lab Alemira Virtual Lab What's New
4 Aug, 2022
Alemira Labs: 20 July, 2022
Alemira Coding Lab What’s New?  Learner’s UI improvements  Learner can clear the output window Learner can scroll the output window content The design of the input window was reworked to better display the current input state Alemira Virtual Lab What’s new  Extended options of lab VMs deployment  It is now possible to connect multiple cloud […] View details

Alemira Coding Lab Alemira Virtual Lab What's New
20 Jul, 2022
Alemira LMS: 19 July, 2022
Overview Both releases focused mainly on various internal features. Architecture improvements and other fixes were made that allow authors to create and use compositions within compositions and learners to retake LTI activities. The releases also included further work to implement Moodle courses and the ability to play H5P content as LTI activities. A widget to […] View details

Alemira LMS
19 Jul, 2022
 Alemira Labs: 05 July, 2022
Alemira Coding Lab What’s New?  Descriptions for failed unit tests  An instructor can provide meaningful descriptions explaining reasons for unit test failures. Such descriptions are displayed to learners during the lab tests runs. The existing templates for the labs and exercises were extended with examples on how to use this option. Separate test running  Tests […] View details

Alemira Coding Lab Alemira Virtual Lab What's New
5 Jul, 2022
Alemira LMS: 02 July, 2022
Overview  The current release focused mostly on enabling the playback of compositions for learners. Instructors can create compositions using various content units from the Content libraries, publish them as objectives, and enroll users in these objectives so that learners can take them. A lot of changes were made under the hood, but some visible features […] View details

Alemira LMS
2 Jul, 2022
Alemira Coding Lab: 06 June, 2022
What’s New?  Haskell support  Now an instructor can create courses in the Haskell programming language with practical tasks checked by input or output tests.A student can enroll in such courses and complete both theoretical and practical parts within Alemira Coding Lab. Fixed issues Removed initial files were still displayed for students View details

Alemira Coding Lab
6 Jun, 2022
Alemira LMS: 23 May, 2022
Overview The current release focused on the introduction of the following features: Content libraries — a new UI for authors and content creators Rich text editor — a tool for creation and management of articles that represent reusable content units and that are subsequently used for composing courses and programs Compositions — an ability to […] View details

Alemira LMS
23 May, 2022