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Digital ecosystem for education and research
Strengthen spelling skills while having fun!
Boost your child’s spelling with only 20-minute sessions a day!

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An independent way of learning

Integrative support made easy
Education professionals face the challenging task of adequately supporting and promoting all their students’ learning needs on a daily basis. At the same time, the heterogeneity of classrooms, the demand for integrative, individual support, cooperation with parents,
and the growing desire for online media mean that teaching resources and materials are required to be more sophisticated than ever before. Alemira Orthograph empowers teachers to engage students directly and motivates students to learn independently.

”Orthograph reduced spelling errors
by 30% in less than 12 weeks,
including for children with learning difficulties.”

The program is accompanied by elaborate evaluation tools for educators, allowing them to supervise and support their students’ independent learning.
The learning consists of short, regular training sessions of 3 to 4 times a week of 15 to 20 minutes, which can easily be integrated into school lessons or done as homework.


For lasting progress in spelling and language skills
Considering all of the aforementioned needs, Orthograph consistently helps teachers. After just four months, students have made substantial, long-lasting development.
Our studies have shown that even students who have the most difficulty with spelling are able to successfully overcome their challenges.

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Award-winning product and solutions

Thank you for the trust and recognition from the community. Team Alemira is grateful for the relentless support of our customers!
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What our customers are saying?

The increase in spelling performance is easily noticeable. In particular, this strengthens a child’s self- confidence, which then has a positive effect on their motivation and ability to learn other subjects.”
Adrian Lanz
My pupils’ grades increased in a matter of weeks!”
Pia Baumgartner
Primary School Teacher, Switzerland
Orthograph is an efficient way of learning how to spell. It promotes the child’s ability to concentrate and their sense of personal responsibility and supports me in planning their individual support.”
Judith Frei
Special Education Teacher, Switzerland
Orthograph is original, efficient and is readily used by the children. The effort required from teachers is minimal, but the return is extraordinary!”
Max Sidler
Headteacher, Wetzikon
Regular use of Orthograph leads to significant improvements in a child’s ability to spell.”
Erika Iseli
Speech Therapist, Oberrohrdoft
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