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Digital ecosystem for education and research
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Calculation made easier

  • Individually tailored training for everybody

  • Effective even for those with dyscalculia

  • 30 - 45% less errors after three months

Calcularis in detail



Conquering difficulties in spelling and writing

  • Individually tailored training

  • Designed for all children, regardless of learning needs

  • 30% error reduction after three months

Orthograph in detail

Why Alemira School?

An adaptive platform, Orthograph and Calcularis personalizes to the learner's learning journey, creating an inclusive education environment.

Scientifically proven, Orthograph and Calcularis have been shown to be beneficial in enhancing learning results, even for individuals with learning difficulties.

Teachers save time with readily available teaching resources and can follow progress of each learner with the Coach application. Alemira School was previously known as Dybuster.

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Advantages of Orthograph and Calcularis

Customised and flexible learning. Our adaptive platform personalises the learning materials for each learner on an individual basis to provide the greatest results.

Scientifically proven. Independent scientific studies have demonstrated that Orthograph and Calcularis are effective in improving learning outcomes.

Proven achievement in school and at home. Designed for all children, including those with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia, may study independently, anytime, anywhere. Read the research

Neuropsychology and computer science. The multi-sensory learning strategy was created by scientists and educators and stimulates the brain to compensate for problem regions and create new pathways.

Fun and motivational. Game-based training that provides positive feedback and animations, as well as a built-in reward system to motivate students to succeed.

Training and support. Professional advice and guidance from the team to onboard teachers Learn more