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Efficacy of a computer-based learning program in children with developmental dyscalculia. What influences individual responsiveness?

15 Nov, 2022

Kohn, J. et al, 2020, Frontiers in Psychology

This study used Calcularis 2.0 with additional training forms. It found that the subjects improved their arithmetic skills even more than with older versions of Calcularis, which the authors attributed in particular to the new training forms and the new reward system (zoo).

In addition, the study examined the stability of the training success: Does the success persist if training is stopped? To this end, the subjects were tested again three months after training. And lo and behold – the success was stable, as the graph on the left shows for arithmetic skills. During the training (from time t1 before the training to time t2 after the training), the subjects improved considerably. During the break (from t2 at time t3 three months after training) the improvement was maintained.

Finally, the study investigated which factors could be used to predict the success of the training. It found that children with less math anxiety benefited more from training. Similarly, children with a co-morbidity with dyslexia improved less than children who “only” had dyscalculia. This shows that a careful assessment of weaknesses and fears is extremely important.

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