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September 9, 2021

What’s New?

Navigating through labs

A student can navigate through a lab’s contents. A student can get back to the passed exercises or theoretical articles to refresh their knowledge or check references.


Multi-file projects support

This functionality is enriching the course authoring capabilities by creating multi-file tasks.

An instructor can create practical tasks with several files. Also, an instructor can pin the most important files.

Student can open, edit and pin several files presented in the task.


C++ support

An instructor can create courses in C++ with practical tasks and auto-tests. These courses can include tasks with several files in different formats, for example .cpp and .hpp.

A student can enroll for such courses and complete both theoretical and practical part within Coding Lab.


UI/UX improvements

In this release, we’ve enhanced a part of the student UI by adding an information message displayed if all tests are passed or some tests failed.

August 16, 2021


Alemira Coding Lab is a solution that allows you to create practical exercises in programming for hundreds of students without having to set up and maintain an environment.

What’s New?

The first release was aimed at implementing these capabilities:

  • For an instructor: to create, edit, and publish a lab
  • For a student: to get through the lab

Currently Alemira Coding Lab supports Python and JavaScript.

Authoring a lab

An instructor can create a lab from scratch or based on pre-made templates. A lab can include practical exercises and textual content, which can be used to store theoretical materials, embedded pictures and videos, and links to external resources.
When the lab is ready, the instructor can publish it and get its LTI credentials to embed it into an LMS. After that, students can start the lab from LMS.

Doing lab exercises

A student can run a lab from LMS and start doing exercises. The student goes through each textual piece and exercise in a predefined order.
Each exercise is covered with automated tests so the student can see if he or she made it right. After the student completes all exercises in the lab, the results are submitted to the LMS.

Known Issues

Errors are not highlighted in the student’s view after failing a test

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