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Alemira Proctor
An AI proctoring solution that provides great testing experience while protecting exam integrity. Try a Demo

Why Alemira Proctor?

Alemira Proctor is an advanced AI Proctoring solution that uses artificial intelligence to analyse engagement in real time. Our solution is secure and protects the integrity and reputation of your program, certification, and exam, and ensures a seamless experience for users to study and take exams remotely with confidence.

Flexible solution. Customize Alemira Proctor to fit your needs from the different proctoring infrastructure options.

Security and data privacy. We provide safe and secure testing to protect the integrity of your exam and reduces student anxiety.

Open API. Integrates to your existing Learning Management System or custom testing platform. Your instructors can create, and your students can launch proctored exam seamlessly.

AI proctoring technology. Our patented proctoring solution observes behavior and detects any anomaly with face and emotion recognition, gaze and voice detection, tab changes, secondary screen and many more

Simple and scalable. No video streaming required, and Alemira Proctor supports any weak internet signal, all PC, and mobile devices, you can create and launch exams quickly.

Training & support. Providing guidance, training, and support in different time zones with multilingual interface. You don’t have to worry about technical issues or service connections during the exam. We will be supporting you throughout your journey.

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Alemira Proctor is a patented proctoring solution that integrates seamlessly with leading testing platforms and learning management systems such as Moodle, Open edX. Try a Demo

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Alemira Proctor independently verifies identity, monitors their behavior and gaze direction, analyses sound in the room. You can safely conduct online examinations without human intervention.

Reports will be generated and downloaded thereafter. The report will enable you to make the final decision in certifying the student. You will also have the option to review the recorded videos of the test taker.

Post-review Proctoring

The post-review proctoring mode allows you to review automatic notifications for any violations.

The AI automatically tracks prohibited behavior such as talking, presence of a stranger, secondary screen. The AI proctor will mark prohibited behavior in the video as unreliable, but the exam is not interrupted. Thereafter, a professional proctor can subsequently review the recordings to confirm if the student violated the exam procedure or have taken the exam honestly.

Real-time Proctoring

Proctors monitors students synchronously through Alemira Proctor. This option provides high accuracy and transparency especially for high-stake exams.

Professional proctors are supported by Alemira Proctor’s AI-based behavior analysis in real-time. The human proctor can leave written comments to the student via chat or interrupt the exam. The combination of a human and an AI proctor will enable detection of any hidden violation in real-time.

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Best Online Proctoring Solution 2021

Best Online Proctoring Solution" 2021 by EdTech Breakthrough Awards. Try a Demo