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Alemira Practicum

Turn a series of Alemira Labs into a full-blown Practicum and keep your students engaged throughout the project. Discover more

A 360° Approach to Online Learning

With an extensive embedded practicum, students can master new concepts though problem solving and deliver A-grade project performance. As an instructor, you can tap into students’ learning data and tweak the course content accordingly.

As an Instructor

Track student progress
Track help requests and chat mentions, getting notifications and staying up-to-date on student progress. Maximize Instructor
Real-time student interaction
Instantly reply to student messages and provide live assistance. Maximize Instructor
Assess students’ solution
Monitor and grade student code solutions, advancing the learning process way with live comments. Maximize Instructor
Create courses and cohorts
Set up course groups and cohorts to better track and interact with students. Maximize Instructor

As a Student

Track all courses
Sign up for courses and monitor progress directly on the platform, tracking progress and accessing course updates.
Real-time student interaction
From internationally-renowned universities to top business companies, each collaboration strengthens our innovative approach toward achieving its goal to solve global challenges through transformative technological advances.
Assess students’ solution
Create courses and cohorts

Alemira Practicum in Action

Teaching and learning to code: today and tomorrow

Learn how online classrooms work today, analyzing how programming courses will most likely evolve in the coming years based off trends and market research. Watch the webinar
15 July, 2021