100,000 users have benefited from our online spelling program
3 x 20 minutes
training sessions per week
3.6 x
smaller phonetic errors
15 years
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How Orthograph helps tackle every child’s learning challenges
Game based learning:
Motivates children by allowing them to design their own virtual park using earned rewards.
Independent reading and writing:
Allows flexibility, with the option for learners to use the software online or offline on a desktop or tablet.
Targeted brain training:
Detects error patterns and adapts the training sequences to every kid’s specific needs.
Automatic progress tracking:
Enables educators and parents to keep track of the learner’s progress and optimizes support with detailed analysis.
Relieves language and mental stress:
Our multisensory approach automates spoken to written language mapping, reducing mental strain and errors.
Inclusive education:
Helps children with learning difficulties by strengthening the brain’s connections through personalized task selection.
How does Orthograph make learning playful and engaging?
Our game-based approach keeps children entertained and motivated while adults recognize its educational value.
Making independent learning a reality
Featuring 8,000 words in English, each with accompanying recordings.
Watch the video and discover the convenience and effectiveness of our game-based approach.
Award-winning product and solutions
Thank you for the recognition and the trust of more than 100,000 users.
What our customers are saying
The increase in spelling performance is easily noticeable. In particular, this strengthens a child’s self-confidence, which then has a positive effect on their motivation and ability to learn other subjects.
Adrian Lanz
Orthograph is an efficient way of learning how to spell. It promotes the child’s ability to concentrate and their sense of personal responsibility and supports me in planning their individual support.
Judith Frei
Special Education Teacher, Switzerland
Orthograph is original, efficient and is readily used by children. The effort required from teachers is minimal, but the return is extraordinary!
Max Sidler
Headteacher, Wetzikon
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