Deliver Engaging and Effective Programming Classes

Alemira Coding Lab is an interactive platform that supports the creation of programming courses at all levels. The lab provides a code-centric, developer friendly course authoring experience and automates student assessments.

Key Features to Optimize Learner Journey

Whether you are looking to implement your course online or adopt a hybrid teaching approach,
our cloud solution offers many features making the transition seamless.

Outcome-driven with Active Learning
  • Engaging user experience thanks to an interactive virtual environment
  • Collaborative editing: Instructor and students can code in a single workspace
  • Chat and video features allows for better and faster support
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Lighten the Instructor’s Workload With Automated Features
  • Instructor dashboards provides in-depth student insights
  • Auto-grading allows for assessment to be graded immediately
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Content Creation Made Easy
  • Create both theory and practice in one editor with extensive library of languages available (eg. Python, JavaScript, C++, HTML and more)
  • Anti-plagiarism feature allows to detect copying between classmates
  • Build a course seamlessly with course templates and easy to use interface
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Accessible: For Everyone From Everywhere
  • Easy set-up and seamless integration to any Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Cloud infrastructure allows for no-fuss installation and configuration
  • Supporting all levels of expertise from basic to advanced exercises
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Move Your Course Online Without Losing Quality

Alemira Coding Labs offers many advantages to help you
scale without losing the quality of content and personalised approach.

Personalised Feedback. Through our collaborative features and interactive dashboards, you can chat and provide personalized feedback to your students immediately.

Auto grading & Assessments. With a mixture of auto-grading and manual assessments, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of your students’ progress.

Seamless authoring capabilities. Create content from scratch or access our course templates. Our authoring capabilities enables you to create great content quickly.

No installation. A cloud-based native, Alemira Coding Lab runs in a matter of minutes and it integrates with any LTI-compliant system.

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