100,000 users have benefitted from our online math program
3 x 20 minutes
training sessions per week
15 years
of AI-backed research
47 interactive
math games
How Calcularis helps tackle every child’s math learning challenges
Daily milestones:
Badges and rewards can be used to purchase goodies and access new game settings.
Effective independent learning:
Allows for flexible, independent learning, allowing learners to use the software online or offline on a desktop or a tablet.
Targeted brain training:
Boosts posterior brain activity through digital neuroplastic support.
Automatic progress tracking:
Tracks the learner’s progress and optimizes support with detailed analysis for educators and parents.
Reduced math and mental stress:
Reduces math anxiety and overcomes inhibitions in mathematical tasks by 25%.
Inclusive education:
Identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides tailored tasks for children with learning difficulties.
Turning online math lessons into exciting games
Calcularis empowers children, including those with learning difficulties, to master math skills with a neuroscience-based approach, novel visuals, audio stimuli, and fun gaming elements.
Unlimited and personalized learning progress
Making self-paced learning a reality, our game-based approach engages children and helps parents see real learning outcomes.
Maximize your child's potential with our game-based approach to learning.
Award-winning product and solutions
Thank you for the recognition and the trust of more than 100,000 users.
What our customers are saying
My students enjoy working on Calcularis; there are no complaints or mumbling when we use it as a daily warmup.
Monise Seward, Indiana, US.
Special education teacher
In the past, she would become teary or freeze. Now, she actually wants to do Calcularis independently, even when she struggles, and she doesn’t complain about having to do it! I cannot overestimate how much that means as a parent of a dyslexic and dyscalculic child.
Nicole Stefanko Fuentes
Mother of an 11-year-old with dyslexia and dyscalculia, California, US
Your neuroscience based math programme Calcularis is simply amazing, my daughter is actually learning so many concepts that she could not understand at all, and working so independently after a rather rough start, and she enjoys using it so much!
Dawn Curran
Mother, Belfast
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