Calcularis - The math learning system
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Calcularis - The math learning system
The fun way to excel in math!
Boost your child’s math with only 20 minute sessions a day!
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Improve your child's math skills

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Is your child struggling with understanding mathematical concepts that seem obvious to you? Do errors continue to creep in despite intensive practice? Or that your child simply does not become fluent at math? Multiple peer-reviewed studies have shown the efficacy of Calcularis in overcoming such struggles. It empowers all children, including those with learning difficulties, to master fundamental math skills.
Calcularis has been developed based on neuroscience and encompasses 15 years of research in AI. The brain can gain math fluency thanks to novel, uncluttered visual representations, and audio stimuli. Gaming elements make learning fun! And Alemira’s state-of-the-art learning software facilitates unparalleled progress with proven efficacy. Learn more
Scientific studies show:
3 x 20 minutes
Reduce math anxiety by 25%
in 3 months
Up to 45% more
tasks correctly resolved in 12 weeks

Why Calcularis?

Proven scientific results. Studies report significant improvements with only 3 learning sessions of 20 minutes per week.

Multi-sensory learning. Using neuroscience and computer science, this approach encourages the brain to use new pathways and process math more efficiently.

Goal-oriented. The learner is guided by the software and led on an individual path to success. A built-in reward system motivates learners to succeed.

Fun and motivational. Game-based learning promotes self-confidence and thus fosters academic performance.

Adaptive learning. Content adapts to meet the needs of all learners, including the needs of those with learning difficulties.

Proven success. More than 500 schools and 25,000 children use Calcularis each year.


Award-winning product and solutions

Thank you for the recognition and the trust of more than 100,000 users.

What our customers are saying

My students enjoy working on Calcularis; there are no complaints or mumbling when we use it as a daily warmup.”
Special education teacher
Monise Seward,
Indiana, US.
In the past, she would become teary or freeze. Now, she actually wants to do Calcularis independently, even when she struggles, and she doesn’t complain about having to do it! I cannot overestimate how much that means as a parent of a dyslexic and dyscalculic child.”
Nicole Stefanko Fuentes,
Mother of an 11-year-old
with dyslexia and dyscalculia,
California, US.
Your neuroscience based math programme Calcularis is simply amazing, my daughter is actually learning so many concepts that she could not understand at all, and working so independently after a rather rough start, and she enjoys using it so much!”
Dawn Curran,
Mother, Belfast

How Calcularis can help

Our interactive games have been proven to be effective with only 20-minute sessions a day!

Plus, you can now take advantage of our ongoing promotion, which gives you access to the full version of Calcularis for only $15.99 per month.

Game-based learning

Over 47 games are featured in the Calcularis software and are designed to train number processing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the number ranges 0-10, 0-20, 0-100 and 0-1000.

Self-discipline and reward

Throughout the training, learners are guided by an integrated companion character that supports their learning process. Learners can track their progress at any time using progress maps that motivate them to continue. Badges for skills learned and rewards are awarded for their achievements and can be used to purchase goodies and access new game settings.

Assessing progress and using Calcularis coach

Calcularis Coach enables educational staff, therapists, parents to track children's progress. From simple summaries of training times to detailed analyses, Coach offers everything you need to provide students with valuable support.

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  • Individually tailored training
  • For kids from 6 to 10 years old
  • Proven effective, including for people with dyscalculia
  • 30% fewer errors in just 12 weeks
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