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Digital ecosystem for education and research
Alemira Learning
Empowering educators and learners through collaborative learning that integrates with your systems and tools.

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Personalised journey:
Stimulate higher-level critical thinking with your students through personalized pathways powered by machine learning.

Collaborative learning:
Boost students’ engagement while building their confidence and self-esteem.

Simple and easy to use:
Get started with a reliable and intuitive platform and create an interactive course 10x faster.

Providing flexibility, the Alemira Learning focuses on improving students’ engagement from kindergarten, higher education to lifelong learning. Engage your students with interactive content that will motivate and inspire them.

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Provide great testing experience while protecting exam integrity.

Alemira Proctor is an advanced AI Proctoring solution that uses artificial intelligence to analyse and observe engagement in real time.
Optimize time with rapid authoring.

Repurpose an interactive course in less than 10minutes with Alemira LMS and generate videos effortlessly at 24x faster from text with Alemira Avatar.
Master reading, writing and mathematics.

Drawing on neuroscience, Orthograph and Calcularis are innovative evidence-based learning software that is proven to improve learning skills by 35%.

Award winning product and solutions

Thank you for the trust and recognition from the community. Team Alemira is grateful for the relentless support of our customers!

Brands who trust us

Alemira’s Virtual Lab helps us to better train the Acronis
global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and
live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners
we onboard.” Read customer story
Righter Kunkel
Head of Acronis #CyberFit
Alemira’s Coding Lab helps us provide both very interactive
and scalable online training to all our students globally.”
Laurent Meyer
CEO of Propulsion