SIT Alemira Labs

Why SIT Alemira Labs?

Improve the effectiveness of your online training with a tailor-made SIT Alemira Active Labs.

Chock-full with exercises, experiments, and assessments, the delivered virtual environment enables you to learn by doing and achieve the desired training goals in no time. Opting for SIT Alemira’s deliberate practice approach, you dive headfirst into exercises, experiment with the system’s simulation parameters, and learn from the lab’s real-world responses.

Explore the SIT Alemira lab suite

Access a tech-savvy means of practicing new knowledge and skills. Go through a change-friendly demo, complete exercises of ever-increasing difficulty, and reinforce novel concepts.

Virtual Lab
Spend only as much time recording the lab as it takes to complete the demonstration. As an instructor, you can leverage our top-tier lab authoring tools and roll out a highly engaging demo in no time. Equipped with a straightforward click-through lab, your students need almost as much time to learn new software as they need to perform an already familiar task.

Learn what's new at SIT Alemira Virtual Lab - see the Release Notes.
Coding Lab
Discover a live coding environment, where the program’s output updates as you type. Try out new techniques, observe the system’s reaction, and cement your learning of new scripts. Complete with hands-on assessments, the delivered labs put your skills to test and help you learn through human-AI interaction.

Learn what's new at SIT Alemira Coding Lab - see the Release Notes.

Key features


Captivate learners with dynamic, change-friendly content that prioritizes application.


Leverage cutting-edge detailed telemetry to tailor the learning experience to each student.


Strengthen the learning outcomes through collaboration-based systems and environments.


Drive continuous improvement by getting a better insight into learners’ activities and streamlining feedback in real-time.


Add extra engagement and shift students’ behaviour by opting for a plug-and-play virtual training, complete with badges, scores, and other game elements.

SIT Alemira Practicum

Create long-term student engagement

Create long-term student engagement
Turn a series of SIT Alemira labs into a full-blown Practicum and keep your students engaged at all times of the project. With an extensive embedded practicum, students can master new concepts though problem solving and deliver A-grade project performance. As an instructor, you can tap into students’ learning data and tweak the course content accordingly.

Get the most out of the SIT Alemira labs in 3 steps

1. Record
Leverage the system’s Active Model, specifically tuned to register several steps of system state changes. Equipped with a dynamic lab, you can change the system parameters for math and natural sciences, click through the product screen and controls for a software product, or write and run code in a sandbox.
2. Generate
Make sure that the learner achieves the required results by generating a hyper-personalized lab, enhanced with a “script” assessment at the end of each lab step of the lab.
3. Play
Skyrocket your team’s learning outcomes through semantically similar but syntactically different lab versions. Expose your students to slightly different scenarios and ensure long-lasting results.
Brands who trust us
“SIT Alemira’s Virtual Lab helps us to better train the Acronis global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners we onboard.”

Righter Kunkel

Head of Acronis #CyberFit Academy
“SIT Alemira’s Coding Lab helps us provide both very interactive and scalable online training to all our students globally.”

Laurent Meyer

CEO of Propulsion Academy

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