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Higher Education

Education, student, resource and alumni management — all in one place.
Managing everything in one place

A robust solution for higher education

Manage All Your School
Needs in One Place

SIT Alemira offers an integrated platform for learning, education and science management for higher education. Educate students online, faster and more efficiently. Intelligently simplify, automate and optimize all education, research and learning processes.
Create courses online, encourage active learning and boost course completion rates. Recruit students and keep track of all applications. Manage financial aid lifecycle.
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How Can SIT Alemira Support
Your Company’s Training Needs?

Student recruiting
  • Create lead generation campaigns for students
  • Build whole sale process funnels
  • Implement marketing automation for student leads
  • Analyze performance with built-in reporting
  • Recruit students smarter
The SIT Alemira platform
  • Design holistic academic structures
  • Manage courses and programs
  • Track student enrollment
  • Provide student feedback directly in the platform
  • Manage Courses Efficiently
Student management
  • Build an easy-to-navigate student portal
  • Manage course curriculum and workload
  • Streamline student grading
  • Track student progress and records
  • Monitor Student Progress

Brands Who Trust Us

SIT Alemira’s Virtual Lab helps us to better train the Acronis
global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and
live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners
we onboard.” Read customer story
Righter Kunkel
Head of Acronis #CyberFit Academy
SIT Alemira’s Coding Lab helps us provide both very interactive
and scalable online training to all our students globally.”
Laurent Meyer
CEO of Propulsion Academy