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Alemira ERP

A complete integrated system for all your resource planning needs. Request a demo

ERP for Education

Implement a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, designed for universities and education institutions, to better manage day-to-day business activities. Streamline management processes with Alemira Advanced Financials including Fixed Assets, Deferred Revenue Management, Intercompany Accounting and Inventory and Order Management.

ERP for Financial Management

A full suite of accounting functions to streamline all your financial operation needs.

Financial Integrations

Simplify and link directly to external systems, streamlining tax and vendor processes and managing all cash needs in one place.

Reporting (BI / Statutory / Management Reporting)

Accelerate decision making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of your overall business.

Payment and Bank Processing

Connect institutions, schedule transactions and link accounts, eliminating manual data entry with ML and AI technology.

Billing management (for students/customers)

Save time and minimize errors with automated processes, managing staff through a digital portal.

Claim and Procurement

Streamline procurement processes, automating supply of materials and enforcing policy and process controls.

ERP for Customer, Student, Grant, Donation and Fund Management

A web-based CRM system to better manage CRM Sales, Marketing and Services combined with a robust solution to manage Grants, Donations and Funding, all under one unified platform.

CRM Marketing Automation
Mange leads, improving conversations and overall productivity. Track and manage the best channels for qualified leads.
CRM Sales Management
Gain access to a complete overview of opportunities and contacts, improving workflow efficiency and sales process management.
Integration with 3rd-party CRM (Sales force, Hubspot)
Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM platforms for smoother, more easy-to-navigate CRM management.
Donation Management
Integrate communications and segmentation, support event management and track donor relationships to enhance funding.
Fund Management
Track detailed portfolio data, gaining access to fund flow from a historical and real-time perspective.
Grant Management
Manage grant processes from sourcing to reporting, better managing deadlines and processes for improved results.

Why Alemira ERP?

Business efficiency
  • Centralized data repository (multi departmental usage)
  • Efficiency by reducing double entry and overlapped processes
  • Faster and easier data searches
  • Online reporting and dashboards
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Infrastructure and security
  • ISO Certified Cloud Data Location (Protection and Reliability)
  • Ability to standardize processes across the organization easier
  • TCO optimization with a single solution provider (less IT, less license costs)
  • Cloud Integration with facility applications and Student Portals
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Functional improvement
  • Learning, Education and Science as a single package
  • Modular Provisioning
  • Modular Pricing and Licensing
  • Microsoft Stack .NET Technologies behind
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