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5 Jul, 2022 | What's New

 Alemira Labs: 05 July, 2022

Alemira Coding Lab What’s New?  Descriptions for failed unit tests  An instructor can provide meaningful descriptions explaining reasons for unit test failures. Such descriptions are displayed to learners during the lab tests runs. The existing templates for the labs and exercises were extended with examples on how to use this option. Separate test running  Tests […]

5 minutes

20 May, 2022 | Alemira Virtual Lab

Alemira Labs: 20 May, 2022

Alemira Virtual Lab Overview The current release was focused on a new approach to the lab authoring. What’s new  Lab Recorder  An author can use the Lab Recorder to record in a virtual environment their actions that represent steps of a lab. The Lab Recorder then automatically generates out of these steps human-readable lab tasks […]

5 minutes