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4 Apr, 2022 | Alemira LMS

Alemira LMS: 04 April, 2022

Overview The current release focused on the introduction of the following: Resource management for the content creation Improvements of the enrollment process Continuing optimization of the code and fixing bugs What’s new  Resource management  A new way of managing resources for Alemira LMS was introduced. Now Tenant Administrators can manage local or external Resource Providers […]

5 minutes

11 Jan, 2022 | Alemira LMS

Alemira LMS: 11 January, 2022

Overview The current release was focused on the introduction of multi-tenancy, email notifications support, and several new features for ZTool. What’s new  Multi-tenancy  A tenant admin role was added. This role allows a user to create new tenants and manage them. With this role, users and courses can be managed separately for each tenant. Each […]

5 minutes