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19 Jul, 2022 | Alemira LMS

Alemira LMS: 19 July, 2022

Overview Both releases focused mainly on various internal features. Architecture improvements and other fixes were made that allow authors to create and use compositions within compositions and learners to retake LTI activities. The releases also included further work to implement Moodle courses and the ability to play H5P content as LTI activities. A widget to […]

5 minutes

2 Jul, 2022 | Alemira LMS

Alemira LMS: 02 July, 2022

Overview  The current release focused mostly on enabling the playback of compositions for learners. Instructors can create compositions using various content units from the Content libraries, publish them as objectives, and enroll users in these objectives so that learners can take them. A lot of changes were made under the hood, but some visible features […]

5 minutes