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15 Dec, 2022 | What's New

Alemira LMS: November 2022

Overview  The following features were added: What’s new  LTI 1.3 Assignment and Grade Services  We have upgraded LTI support to version 1.3. It includes support for Assignment and Grade Services. Now Alemira LMS better integrates with LTI 1.3 content providers, which assumes: Report builder  We have reworked the Reports section and made it available for […]

5 minutes

21 Oct, 2022 | Alemira LMS

Alemira LMS: October 2022

We have introduced several updates for our platform. Overview The following features were added: Nested compositions Integration with Moodle Ability to set activity statuses Domain-specific login pages and identity providers Integration with Azure services Collecting user analytics Group enrollment prioritization Logging and events management Improved UI What’s new Nested compositions Authors can create a complex […]

5 minutes