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Is Online Proctoring Here to Stay?

9 Jun, 2022

In this article, we will explain why the rapid development of online proctoring is here for the long run, regardless of the pandemic, and what key factors influence the growth of the online proctoring market.


The COVID-19 pandemic factor

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the main factors that contributed to the growth of online proctoring. Schools, universities and businesses across the globe have had to move to an online format one way or another during the pandemic. Several processes were interrupted, including assessments and high-stake examinations, which are often important and essential for individuals to move on to the next stage of their education or career path.  

During that time, universities and companies that were using remote proctoring systems became particularly in demand. The use of online proctoring can ensure exam security  regardless of the test-taker’s location. This has made AI proctoring technology not  only an  additional option, but a real necessity in the event of the pandemic. In addition, to ensure the safety of individuals during examinations in closed classrooms, we have significantly improved our neural network at Alemira. Now, we can accurately recognize masked faces, and exam takers do not have to remove their protective equipment to identify themselves before the exam or summative assessment.

Online education: a booming market 

The online education market remains a fast-growing segment, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to analysts at HolonIQ, its volume is already at $6.5 trillion dollars, and by 2030 will reach $10 trillion dollars. For example, in the United States, by 2022, 98% of small business organizations will implement online education. In Eastern Europe and Asia, for example, market trends follow the global ones.

Along with the growing popularity of online education, the remote proctoring segment is also developing. According to the latest Online Exam Proctoring Market Forecast to 2027, the proctoring market was valued at $354.37 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $1.188billion by 2027, with an average annual growth rate of 15-16%.

An AI-augmented education

According to a study by eSchool News, by the end of 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) in education will be 47.5% higher than it is today. AI is increasingly being integrated to automate processes, gamify learning and reduce FTE costs. In addition, the AI module is an integral part of most proctoring systems. Due to multifunctionality, the most interesting solutions can be used outside educational programs, such as in banks, transport, etc.

For instance, the AI developed by Alemira can track any presence in the frame, such as additional users or foreign voices and faces. Alemira controls the desktop activity (toggling between browser tabs, opening files and third-party programs) and is able to observe the test-taker’s behaviour (emotional recognition and gaze detection). The biometric identification module recognizes faces in masks and can even distinguish twins wearing the same clothing. Our AI technology has been short-listed for the AI Awards Reimagine Education, an association that holds regular competitions for the best innovations in the education sphere. In the AI category, Alemira was one of the world’s top 10 technologies.

Growth in the online proctoring market is not solely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The active implementation of online monitoring in educational processes is an organic trend in the development and transformation of the education system worldwide. Innovation and technological advancements can only improve remotely-proctored examinations, ensuring the safety and integrity of the exam while making it accessible.

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