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Alemira Avatar
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Alemira Avatar: Virtually recreated

Alemira Avatar creates AI Videos which comprise your Digital Avatar to deliver the information in a humanized way.

  • When it comes to AI and Digital Avatars, the friendlier the Avatar is, the more it will gain people's trust. Based on this, what will be better than a customized avatar that looks like you and does your job too?
  • Be it an educational lecture, a corporate training program, or a development seminar, Alemira Avatar not only fits all these needs but also helps exponentially increase learning efficiency and speed.
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Create professional videos 10x more cost efficient and faster

  • Choose your AI Avatar, you no longer need to worry about being on camera
  • Using voice cloning, the Avatar you create are digital clones of real people

Update your video in minutes

  • Edit the text in our studio and it will directly result in editing the video. Can updates be more accessible than this?

Alemira Avatar is powered by AI

Voice cloning. Recording audio, synthesizing, and preserving the speech pattern with our AI technology.
Face and body shifting. As you speak, the avatar mimics your facial expression and body movements.

Lip synchronization. Our technology will match the direction of the lips, mouth, and jaw to the speech.
Text-to-speech engine. If you provide the narration in text format, it will be marked up for the intended prosody.

>Easy updates. Simply modify the text and update your video.
Upload your assets. Upload presentations, logos, and other files to personalize your assets.

A complete solution to all the problems.

You can scale your learning program efficiently with our unique solutions through powerful AI technologies. Connect with us today and rewrite your success story.