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Acronis Advances All-in-one Cyber Protection Services with SIT Alemira

31 May, 2021

HQ in Singapore and Switzerland
Data protection and cybersecurity
No. of employees
Approx. 1,500 full-time employees
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers
  • Acronis Cyber Protect for Businesses


Acronis specializes in cyber security and protection, believing data, applications, systems and productivity of every organization should be protected against loss, theft, and downtime, whether caused by cyberattacks, hardware failure, natural disaster or human error. Dedicated to protecting every workload, Acronis created the only all-in-one cyber protection solution for environments of any size – and solved the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern world. With an increasingly global network, Acronis needed to streamline both internal training processes to ensure all employees were able to deliver top-notch support to customers as well as partner trainings to better inform them on Acronis products and offer the best in cyber protection. To do so, Acronis deployed SIT Alemira’s Active Labs and Learning Management System (LMS).

“SIT Alemira’s Active Lab helps us to better train the Acronis global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners we onboard.”
Righter Kunkel
Head of Acronis #CyberFit Academy

Key results

  • Acronis has successfully deployed Alemira LMS, reaching 1,500+ employees.
  • The lab helps Acronis train all technical tracks of the Acronis #Cyberfit Academy foundation and will be introduced to all other education tracks by the end of 2021.
  • Curating accelerated content creation, minimizing production effort and maximizing content quality.
  • Increased collaboration among siloed teams, improving communication and customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced employee training resources implemented, creating consistency in brand product quality on local and global levels.
  • Implemented continuous delivery of internal and external partner trainings, including verified certifications.
  • Achieved rapid ROI by utilizing the automated assessment of trainees of Alemira Active Labs.
  • Revamped content and educational resources for streamlined business processes.
  • Acquired a modern business platform for future growth with the ability to add new functionality and integrated third-party solutions.


Acronis needed to improve the quality of its training processes and content both for internal purposes and for its partners. Although adequate, the previous traditional approach offered a more theoretical and less hands-on approach, lacking information and resources and therefore limiting IT specialists and partners to learn about Acronis products at a deeper level. With SIT Alemira’s Active Labs and LMS, Acronis was able to improve and automate its training content and materials, producing trainings that offer more in-depth and complete information on the entire Acronis offerings: from insights on product details to understanding how to best sell and implement them.

The need to access easier, more comprehensive training offerings addressed a second challenge – implanting true hands-on learning. With a previous theoretical-focused training, customers and partners were only able to scrape the surface of the complete Acronis products. Providing trainings that simulated real-life scenarios better equips internal experts and partners with the knowledge and resources to properly understand and implement Acronis products on a larger scale. This permits Acronis to provide advance cyber protection to its customers and partners worldwide.


Acronis examined the need to automate and develop advanced content. SIT Alemira’s Active Labs and LMS approach offered precisely that – more content turnover with greater quality and more advanced resources, transforming passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery. In order to provide the necessary trainings to internal IT specialists and partners, Acronis implemented SIT Alemira’s Active Labs and LMS, enabling them to offer advanced, up-to-date, interactive training content across the board. Through the hands-on training approach, IT specialists and partners are better able to address potential issues, set up products and implement their skillset in a timely and efficient way. SIT Alemira’s Active Labs and LMS approach offers fast and continuous content creation, enabling quicker course modeling, implementation for its training needs, as well as automated assessment of trainees.

“In the past, I was not able to deploy a virtual machine for our students. Only a tenant in our Cyber Cloud was possible, which previously took me more than 2 hours to deploy. Now, with Alemira, I’ve managed to create virtual labs for all our trainings. Every student can access them, when needed. It took some time to create these labs, but it was worth it because now, having them ready makes everything more or less self-deploying and I can focus on other tasks.”
Markus Bauer
Technology Evangelist EMEA of Acronis

Advised by leading-edge education experts, SIT Alemira delivers hands-on learning experiences and real results, leading to a continuous and easy-to-implement stream of relevant training tools and live content for customers worldwide.


More effective training operation

With SIT Alemira, Acronis streamlined its training processes and enhanced its online content sources, advancing their overall training operation. The adaptability and active learning behind the content is ideal for modifying resources for a global and diverse ecosystem. Not only does this solution offer expert sources for learning advancements, but limits business expenses and manual training.

“For our students and their learning experience, Alemira is a great benefit. In the past, our trainings where a bit static with PowerPoint and live demos. Now, with Alemira Active Labs, students can follow live demos and do live testing on their own. This makes trainings more ‘real’ and the learning success rate much higher. Feedback from our students is only positive – they appreciate the possibilities of having a real live testing. These labs are making our trainings much more interactive.”
Markus Bauer
Technology Evangelist EMEA of Acronis

The advanced training system allows Acronis to scale the number of partners it onboards from a more business-focused and technical, IT perspective. This allows for greater visibility into their organization’s operations, ensuring real-time training updated through advanced content adaptation. With SIT Almeria’s flexible and adaptive architecture, Acronis can better manage resources for customer management, employee information and business learning, making the entire operation more efficient.

A flexible solution that is easy-to-use

Acronis’ Righter Kunkel praised SIT Alemira’s easy-to-learn and use interface, which is “simple and clear, allowing us to scale significantly thanks to real use cases and live scenarios.”

The organization improved internal trainings with its IT specialists, creating a more simplified, independent user face for employees. This in turn reflects positive business rewards through a more streamlined and coherent process for clients and partners as they implement Acronis’ data protection and cybersecurity services, improving the overall customer satisfaction.

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