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About SIT Alemira

Whether you are a university, a boot camp, or
a business looking to move your education online,
SIT Alemira is here to engage your learners, scale
your courses, and help you achieve your training goals.

We provide a complete digital ecosystem for education and learning

Our services include an AI-powered authoring platform, adaptive content from renowned scientists, a platform for collaborative research design, and digital transformation consulting. Advised by leading-edge education experts, we use Active Learning technology to deliver hands-on learning experiences and real results.

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Solving the “online problem” for universities, research institutes,
boot camps, and companies. Equipped with our software,
you can increase learning and boost your course completion rate.
LMS for learners

Meet the educational cand business organizations, who have chosen SIT Alemira for their digital transition.

Our flexible, value driven partner programs provide the platform for you to hit your business objectives. The depth and breath of our education focused offerings that allow you to grow and expand as fast as you like.

Executive Team

Serg Bell
Chairman, Founder
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Laurent Dedenis
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Christian Vögeli
CEO alemira Dybuster
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Vladimir Sitnikov
Chief Marketing Officer
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Ilya Baimetov
Chief Product Officer
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Alexey Rybak
Head of Engineering
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Sergey Vereshagin
Engineering Lead ERP Campus
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Markus Gross
Professor of Computer Science /
Computer Vision at ETH
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Sushil Singh
Head of Growth
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Victor Batraev
Senior Product Director
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Dmitry Istomin
VP Business Development
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