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Why Alemira?

Alemira delivers active learning to transform passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery.

Today, the predominant model of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is the traditional passive learning digitized, with the average course completion rate of less than 10%.

There is no reason why education should be confined to the passive learning model with the current state of technology. Personalization, enhanced tutoring, interactivity, and learning by doing should be readily available.

Active Learning Approach

Alemira has set out to implement active learning to transform passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery.

Active Content

Traditionally, content blocks are mostly static — text, video, assessments — they are made once for the course and never change.

Alemira uses an active approach to content blocks.

Active Model
Is used to replace static text, pictures, and videos. An instructional content block that, instead of just showing us a snapshot of a system or transition of the system from one state to another over a predefined trajectory, exposes controls for the system and allows the learner to experiment with the system. Importantly, the model allows the learner to perform measurements of the modeled system.
Active Lab

Helps learners conduct simulated experiments. A lab is recorded by an instructor to show the steps of system state changes. The lab is generated from the recorded instructor input that results in state changes. To play the lab, the system generates a semantically similar but syntactically different version of the lab.

Active Assessment

Replacing multiple-choice quizzes. The generated lab creates an assessment script that verifies that the learner achieves the desired system state at the end of each step of the lab.

Active Improvement

Alemira collects data during both instruction events and assessment events that happen within any content block. The collected data is used to improve the course both in the instruction and assessment domains.

Real-time data collection

Real-time data collection is used for the intelligent tutor system to operate. The intelligent tutor system provides real-time feedback to the learner as they go through blocks of learning content.

AI agent simulating

Alemira also uses the simulated learner approach, which is an AI agent simulating the gradual acquisition of knowledge and skills of a human learner. The simulated learner approach removes the traditional gap between a student going through a course — which can take a semester — and analyzing the results for improvement areas.

Active Tutors

Active Tutor is a virtual tutor capable of providing real-time feedback to the learner.

Active Tutor
Tutor is continuously receiving the stream of events coming from the content block a learner is currently going through. For example, if Active Tutor notices that the learner rewinds the instruction video several times, it may offer to take a mini course on prerequisite concepts. If the learner is stuck on a particular step of a problem, Active Tutor can give the learner a hint or advice to go back to prerequisites.

Active Practice

Currently, the prevalent approach to solving problems is a multiple-choice quiz or simply submitting a free-form text for assessment. This approach leaves the instructor with no visibility into how a learner comes to the solution (quiz), or the assessment requires a human.

A different approach
Assembling a solution from a set of predefined blocks. To solve the problem, the learner needs to choose the right elements from the broad palette of elements and put them in the correct sequence or configuration.
Making use of Active Lab
Applying transformations to formulas. At each step of the solution, the learner needs to select a part of the formula and then choose the right transformation (from a broad palette of such) to apply. The solution is produced by doing a series of such steps.

Active Authoring

Alemira uses an active approach to authoring.

Active Avatar
Active Avatar — a synthesized virtual instructor that is similar to the real instructor behind the avatar. Using a virtual instructor removes the cost of multiple rehearsals and iterations to record a non-customizable instructional video.
Active Theater

Active Theater can enact entire scenes that can be used for behavioral trainings — compliance, security, anti-harassment, sales, etc. — that require the learner to provide feedback to or participate in such scenes.

Active Atelier

Active Atelier — the ability to create a course or training not from scratch but from a pool of precreated templates. The resulting courses and trainings can be further customized and polished by the instructor and delivered to the learners.

Brands who trust us
“SIT Alemira’s Virtual Lab helps us to better train the Acronis global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners we onboard.”

Righter Kunkel

Head of Acronis #CyberFit Academy
“SIT Alemira’s Coding Lab helps us provide both very interactive and scalable online training to all our students globally.”

Laurent Meyer

CEO of Propulsion Academy

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